"Amanda is a first class actress! Her professionalism is matched by her talent and she is entirely pleasurable to work with.  She brings strong choices to the table and takes direction readily and eagerly.  I look forward to our next collaboration.  And our next... and our next... and our next......"- Michael Halberstam - Artistic Director, Writers Theatre

"Having worked over the years with Amanda Jones in a variety of plays in a variety of styles, I can say with all my heart that I will seek opportunities to work with her again and again as she continues to grow and evolve over time.
Amanda is a classic [and classy] leading lady.   Smart, beautiful, relaxed and personable, she is someone who brilliantly illuminates the characters she inhabits.  As an actress, Amanda fulfills in clear, imaginative and seemingly effortless ways whatever her role needs to come to life —  and to make it shine.
Amanda Jones is that rare gift; a joy to work with as your colleague."
- Bob Kalfin - Director, Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh

"In Amanda Jones you will find a heroine of the stage and of language. With a talent as broad as her generosity and professionalism, her performances match the athleticism and strength of an Olympic gold medalist. She plunges into her characters with true precision, and a palpable love of the craft."
- Antonio Miniño - Director, Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell

"It is a privilege to work with Amanda Jones.  Every portrayal is full of immediate life and hidden promise.
Astute and feeling; poised and playful; spontaneous and thoughtful: her sophisticated talent comprehends contradictions without paradox, while she offers delightful and revelatory characters to her audiences (and fellow artists) alike."
- Alex Roe - Artistic Director, Metropolitan Playhouse

"As a director, I search for an actor with an extraordinary skill set,  incredible vocal production with dialectical prowess, the soul of an explorer and the heart of Santa Claus - jolly and fun.  In Amanda Jones, I have joyfully discovered it all.  She is truly gifted, fearless, generous and collaborative.  I've had the pleasure of working on three full productions with her and she delivers gracefully and with what looks like ease, but is in fact determined and smart preparation.  I look forward to my next production with her."
- Cailin Heffernan - Associate Artistic Director, Boomerang Theatre Company

"Amanda Jones is a beautiful actress. She is always grounded and open. She has has wonderful instincts and is incredibly generous with her talent. She is a joy to work with and a lovely person."
- Shay Gines - Director, And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little