The Maids
(Jean Cocteau Rep)

The Maids.jpg

"It is no small feat to find the chill in Genet’s 1947 play, which could more easily be played for camp or parody today, but the Cocteau production, directed by Ernest Johns, manages it. Credit an eye-opening turn by Ms. Jones as Solange, the dominant of the two maid sisters who fantasize about killing their boss and engage in bizarre role-playing and identity-swapping.

She is beautiful and scary, rational and deranged, somehow all at the same time. If your nanny-cam caught her, you would certainly have her fired or arrested or committed, but you d also keep the tape, just to study Ms. Jones’s performance."
- Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times 

"Amanda Jones, whose look evokes a red-haired Mary Pickford, is powerful as Claire’s older sister Solange."
Mallory Jensen, Gothamist 

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little
(Retro Productions)


[S]tandouts include Jones as the emotionally unstable but highly sympathetic Anna.”
- Regina Robbins, Theatre is Easy

“[Shay] Gines’ production is not only brilliantly cast but it also moves with the speed of an Acela train. . . . As Anna, the source of all the latest trouble, Amanda Jones is both perfectly reasonable and totally insane.”
- Victor Gluck,

As a director, I search for an actor with an extraordinary skill set,  incredible vocal production with dialectical prowess, the soul of an explorer and the heart of Santa Claus - jolly and fun.  In Amanda Jones, I have joyfully discovered it all.  She is truly gifted, fearless, generous and collaborative.  I’ve had the pleasure of working on three full productions with her and she delivers gracefully and with what looks like ease, but is in fact determined and smart preparation.  I look forward to my next production with her.
— Cailin Heffernan - Associate Artistic Director, Boomerang Theatre Company

Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell


 "Amongst the stellar cast, Amanda Jones stands out as Anaïs Nin; Jones is tender with a touch of deviousness, and masterfully encompasses Nin's eccentricity and beauty."
- Ran Xia, Theatre is Easy

"Amanda Jones is especially commanding as Nin . . ."
- Jon Sobel, blogcritics

Amanda Jones is a beautiful actress. She is always grounded and open. She has has wonderful instincts and is incredibly generous with her talent. She is a joy to work with and a lovely person.
— Shay Gines - Director, And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little