The Maids
(Jean Cocteau Rep)

The Maids.jpg

"It is no small feat to find the chill in Genet s 1947 play, which could more easily be played for camp or parody today, but the Cocteau production, directed by Ernest Johns, manages it. Credit an eye-opening turn by Ms. Jones as Solange, the dominant of the two maid sisters who fantasize about killing their boss and engage in bizarre role-playing and identity-swapping.

She is beautiful and scary, rational and deranged, somehow all at the same time. If your nanny-cam caught her, you would certainly have her fired or arrested or committed, but you d also keep the tape, just to study Ms. Jones’s performance."
- Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times 

"Amanda Jones, whose look evokes a red-haired Mary Pickford, is powerful as Claire’s older sister Solange."
Mallory Jensen, Gothamist 

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little
(Retro Productions)


“[S]tandouts include Jones as the emotionally unstable but highly sympathetic Anna.”
- Regina Robbins, Theatre is Easy

“[Shay] Gines’ production is not only brilliantly cast but it also moves with the speed of an Acela train. . . . As Anna, the source of all the latest trouble, Amanda Jones is both perfectly reasonable and totally insane.”
- Victor Gluck,

Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell


 "Amongst the stellar cast, Amanda Jones stands out as Anaïs Nin; Jones is tender with a touch of deviousness, and masterfully encompasses Nin's eccentricity and beauty."
- Ran Xia, Theatre is Easy

"Amanda Jones is especially commanding as Nin . . ."
- Jon Sobel, blogcritics